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Solidarity Concert

The solidarity concert continues this journey of musical innovation by performing the ensembles of the Rainbow of Endless Love album in a novel setting with musicians from the UN Symphony Orchestra. Dr. De La Calle will perform as the principal soloist playing the De La Calle Quena FluteTM, along with a chambera orchestra conducted by Juan David Molano. The music arrangements and compositions for the orchestral performance will be prepared by Dr. De La Calle and Prof. Jorge Grossman, Director of Ithaca College Contemporary Ensemble (New York). The concert will include performances by children from the International School of Geneva. The musical ensemble will be a unique and novel fusion of music styles and instruments from Latin American, Indian, and European cultures (classical, jazz and pop/rock).

Read more about the Rainbow of Endless Love Album here:

A video of the album is now available on the Official Sony Music YouTube Channel:


Book – Life of Dr. Luis De La Calle

Dr. Luis De La Calle is one of the most exceptional innovators in the music world. He lived and studied with the greatest music teachers in South America, Japan, India, and Europe for more than three decades. Through this journey, Dr. De La Calle grew not only as a talented flautist and composer, but it was also a journey of spiritual growth. Today, his artistic and pedagogical contribution is used by the UN to promote the achievement of the 17 DGS of Sustainable Development, with the aim of better living and peacefully prospering humanity. We believe that his contribution to humanity, recognized in the highest spheres, should serve as inspiration throughout the world. In order to share his journey with others as a source of inspiration, we have embarked on the production of his autobiography, which will be published in print and digital formats and in two languages, to begin with: Spanish and English.

Wings to Learn Academy

Wings to Learn Academy was founded by Dr. Luis De La Calle and Luis Roberto Coto Hernández, to share their vision.

Wings to Learn Academy has been registered in the USA as a non-profit organization.

Join our team by bringing your creative ideas

Teach what you love. Wings to Learn Academy, gives you the tools to create an online course

If you have experience and knowledge in the following areas: fundamentals, instrumental performance, vocal, song writing, techniques, production, composition, performing, education, research, innovation, therapy, all within the field of music, come join us at Wings to Learn Academy and inspire others with your passion.

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