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Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. Wings To Learn emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support eager minds, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words. We are an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support.

Founded by Dr. Luis De La Calle, Wings To Learn was established to go above and beyond to provide our learners with an empowering environment, offering them the opportunity to create and mold their own unique experiences through our wide range of activities where they can fully embrace their identity and gain all the skills they need to be leaders tomorrow. We see the true power that every individual holds, and we have made it our mission to transform them into natural-born leaders, ready to take on the world.

At Wings To Learn, we believe that equity in education is the very essence of the future. Who we become is the result of how we are nurtured and educated today. Our goals are to shape lives based on the fundamentals of social responsibility, healthy living, and cultural acceptance.

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Our Mission

Empowering Individuals.

At Wings To Learn, our mission is to build a society where every young person can easily realize their potential and achieve their goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide individuals with a nurturing environment that is essential to their overall development. Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders, and through personalized attention and guidance we are essentially providing them with all the resources they need to thrive as leaders in years to come.

We aim to accomplish this goal through the following purposes:

Purpose 1: To develop the full human potential through a spiritual connection that is developed through arts and education.

Purpose 2: To utilize ancient and modern traditions as tools for creating a culture of unity, truth, peace, and happiness

Purpose 3: To create a culture of inspiration, innovation, and love through arts and education

Purpose 4: To facilitate the holistic development of individual personality, character, and wellbeing

Purpose 5: To utilize ancient and modern musical traditions as tools to individual and community development

Striving to Make a Difference

Luis De La Calle

Dr. De La Calle uses performing arts as a tool to transform people’s consciousness so that they can realise their true identities. He founded WINGS TO LEARN to empower children on their journey on self-discovery and personal transformation.

His teachings are based on the foundational principle that life is an art to live and a work of art is the expression of our personality as a whole, of our sensibility and ability. He has demonstrated that teaching music can be used as an effective tool in education to develop the child’s character (human and spiritual values, social-emotional intelligence and creativity).

His innovative approach to music education added invaluable knowledge to the area of fundamental skills development in children, with a specific focus on the age group of 4 and 8 years old. Dr. De La Calle’s research revealed that the joyful experience of music education positively impacts transversal learning with maths and languages; social-emotional intelligence and creativity. Dr. De La Calle’s musical background traverses many cultures, traditions and continents.

From his roots as a child prodigy of the quena (Andean end-blown flute) and siku (Andean pan flute), through his studies with the Japanese Noh Theatre Master, Mr. Hideo Kanze, to his years studying Vedic philosophy and traditional Indian Music, Dr. De La Calle perfected his musical skills of these three ancient cultures through observation, listening and imitation. After five years of studies in Japan and seven years of study in India, he made a radical change to the study of the European transverse flute.

Meet the team

Luis De La Calle

Dr. Luis De La Calle

President of WINGS TO LEARN – Empowering children

Our board

Luis De La Calle

Dr. Luis De La Calle

President of WINGS TO LEARN – Empowering children

Kush Singh

Juan David Molano

Board Member

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